Police Officer Testimonials

I started my career as an emergency medical technician (EMT) and worked for a nationally accredited ambulance service for several years. After responding to calls and being on the scene with officers from the Lancaster City Bureau of Police, I knew that I wanted to do their job. After I passed the initial testing, my first application went straight to the Lancaster City Bureau of Police. Working with my field training officer, I was affirmed that I made the right career choice. Being an officer allows me to grow professionally and personally. Every day, I get satisfaction from positive interactions with the community and from helping people solve their problems.

Officer Ziyi SkatzDate of Hire: June 30, 2016

It is a privilege to serve in the community that I grew up in, connected to residents through shared experiences, and celebrate the successes with those who call Lancaster City home. In my role as a Lancaster City Police Officer, it has not been easy, but the challenges that I have experienced have filled me with a greater appreciation for the work, and even greater respect for the residents. The continual opportunities to work hand in hand with citizens committed to making our city a safe, united, and inclusive place to live, have been more than rewarding. I look forward to future opportunities to interact with people in a positive and productive way while building relationships that will serve as a foundation for even greater work to be done in our community. There has only ever been one choice for me as it relates to a career as a police officer, Lancaster City, my home.

Sgt. Dorsey SumrallDate of Hire: July 7, 2003
At the age of 32, I began working as an officer for the first time in a small police department. As a woman and mother, I knew after seven years I wanted to transition into a larger department that would afford me more time with my children, a permanent work schedule, and advancement opportunities. Becoming a Lancaster City Bureau Police Officer has been an incredible, life-changing experience. Every goal that I have for myself, my family, and my career is now a possibility for me. The city of Lancaster has a rich history and a diverse population and feels very different from the first jurisdiction I served in a good way! Every day I work, I am encouraged to see the citizens, visitors, and police officers strive toward the common goal of making our community a better and safer place. I am thankful for the opportunities that the Lancaster City Bureau of Police has afforded me as a woman, a mother, and a police officer.
Officer Carrie SteeleDate of Hire: May 10, 2016
After being honorably discharged from the Marine Corps in 2011, I wanted to continue my service in a different capacity. I joined the Lancaster City Bureau of Police so that I could serve the community where I grew up. I have found that being a police officer allows me to do something different every day. It is rewarding to help and support someone who is struggling to help themselves. I embrace honesty and hard work as two fundamental attributes that have lead to my success as a police officer.
K-9 Officer Steven AlexanderDate of Hire: July 10, 2012

Being the first male in my family to not join the armed forces, and one of the first to attend college, I always had a yearning to serve. In 2003 I graduated from Millersville University and while looking for jobs, the opportunity to serve as a police officer came about due to a close friend’s father working as a Sergeant for the Lancaster City Bureau of Police. In 2005 I was hired as a police officer and I have to say it has changed my life for the better. Like any career, my time at the Lancaster City Bureau of Police has had its high points and low points, but the benefits of the good times far surpass any negative experiences. During my tenure, I have been fortunate to serve as a patrol officer, school resource officer, hostage negotiator, and detective. In these positions I have traveled throughout the country and region, networking with Law Enforcement professionals, at all levels of experience and ranks, and one thing I can say is that the Lancaster City Bureau of Police puts the highest standards of accountability and professionalism on its employees. As a Black man in this profession, I am often looked to for understanding. Both from those within my profession and from other people of color in the community. At times the burden can be stressful, but anything worth doing should be difficult. I feel it is my duty to dispel bias and to create empathy and understanding between the community I serve, and my profession. I am proud to be a Black man in law enforcement. I feel that the Lancaster City Bureau of Police gives me the best opportunity to help my profession move forward, be a mentor to the community, and reach my full potential as a person.

Det. Will SmithDate of Hire: January 3, 2005
I had been serving in law enforcement at another agency for the last three years before deciding to pursue a career with the Lancaster City Bureau of Police. The hiring process was very smooth, and I credit the detectives for working as hard as they did. Law enforcement has been in my family for two generations (my father served as an NYPD Police Officer and my grandfather worked at New Scotland Yard in London, England). I could not think of a better place to continue this legacy than serving the residents and tourists of Lancaster City. I am blessed to have the opportunity to embrace the Lancaster community serving as a protector and peacekeeper.
Officer Harry ValverdeDate of Hire: June 22, 2020