Police Cadet Evaluation & Advancement


Police Officers, Detectives, CSAs, and PSAs will evaluate the Cadet’s performance on an evaluation form at the end of each week, and submit completed forms to the Community Engagement and Training Sergeants. The Community Engagement Sergeant and/or Training Sergeant shall review all evaluations with the Cadet.

Police Cadets shall maintain a crime-free background and shall adhere to all laws, regulations, and policies governing the conduct and actions of the Bureau of Police.

An unsatisfactory evaluation or any breach of regulations shall be grounds for discipline, suspension, or dismissal. This is an “AT WILL” position. The Chief of Police may discharge a Cadet for any reason.


Each Cadet shall be advanced to the position of police officer, only if they meet the following requirements:

  1. The Cadet reached the age of twenty and successfully passed the civil service exam for a police officer in the year of hiring for the position. The Cadet must test with other applicants vying for police officer positions in the same time period. The Cadet will be placed on the civil service eligibility list based on their score.
  2. The Cadet will qualify for five (5) preference points if they have successfully completed the Cadet program, which is determined by the Chief of Police. In order to receive the Cadet preference points, they must first obtain a passing grade on the civil service exam. The Cadet must not have been the subject of disciplinary action. The Cadet must also receive a performance evaluation indicating probable satisfactory performance as an officer, determined by the Chief, or his designee.
  3. The Cadet’s satisfactory passing of a background investigation, polygraph, and all requirements of the Criminal History Records Act, Chapter 91 of the Pennsylvania Crimes Code is required. Upon a conditional offer, the Cadet will undergo a physical examination, psychological evaluation, and drug screening.
  4. Openings or projected openings exist for police officer positions with the Lancaster City Bureau of Police. If no openings for police officer positions exist at the time of completion of the Cadet program, then the Cadet may be retained until such openings occur.
  5. The hiring of the Cadet is approved by the Chief of Police and the Mayor.
  6. The Cadet meets all of the hiring and police academy entry regulations and criteria as set forth by the Municipal Police Officers Education and Training Commission and the Lancaster City Civil Service Commission.