Police Cadet Qualifications & Hiring Process

Skills & Qualifications

  1. Must be at least 18 years of age at the time of appointment and have not reached their 21st  birthday.
  2. Be a citizen of the United States.
  3. Have a high school diploma or a GED equivalent.
  4. Available to work 15-19 hours per week during days, nights, weekends, or as determined by the supervisor.
  5. Our focus is on ensuring our workforce reflects our diverse community. We encourage applicants residing in the School District of Lancaster (SDOL) to apply. SDOL residents will be given preference for open cadet positions.

Hiring Process

  1. The Cadet applicant must successfully pass an oral review board conducted by the Cadet Committee.
  2. The Cadet applicant must successfully pass a background investigation, conducted by the Bureau of Police, and each applicant shall undergo a polygraph examination as part of the employment process.
  3. Cadet applicants who have successfully passed the oral review board and the background investigation shall undergo a physical examination, psychological evaluation, and a drug test. The requirements for the physical health of Cadets are the same as for a police officer. 
  4. No applicant shall be employed as a Cadet without the approval of the Chief of Police.